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Launch new websites & Content management for Werner International

New websites were launched for Sports Training Center Kustermans Training and for the online recruiting service HSE Manager . Domatica will provide Content management services for the website of Textiles Consultancy Company  Werner International.

SEO Consultancy

Consultancy  SEO en Internet Search Marketing for a company active in financial services, private banking.

Brussels - Le Mans Classic website

Development of website "Brussels - Le Mans Classic", the vintage cars event, organised by The Classic Roads Experience. This event brings the Belgian classic & vintage car scene from Brussels to Le Mans in Sarthe for the historic 24H of Le Mans Classic, in July.

Website Aberis.eu and Online Catalogue for Luxma

Domatica will program a product catalogue for nv LUXMA which will be browsable on the internet. LUXMA nv Houthalen is a prominent producer of doorhandles, doorstyles, etc... with a customer base in the Benelux.

The ABERIS website goes live. ABERIS specializes in security techniques, fire resistant safes and data safes.

Data Migration

Data Migration : For FVB-FFCFSE-FBZNAVB and  Edutec preparations and migration of file server data, mailboxes, main and regional servers, client stations.

MENTOGNOST - Navigating through Chaos in China

This website for business manager and author Ronny Julius C. is developed by Domatica. The website Mentognost supports the release of  "Navigating through Chaos in China - A cultural and business compass for managers and business leaders". The book is being offered through various online channels, among which Gazelle Book Services Ltd, Amazon, The Book Place, Proxis...

Webconferencing courses

Domatica provides "remote training courses" on the usage of the "collaboration tool Domatrix" for the VBL - Vlaamse Basketballiga. The users of this secure extranet go through the course at home in front of their computer. Live and on their own screen, the personalized and interactive course is presented.

DOMATRIX CLIENT PORTAL - Deployed by Alliance Concepts for demos and client communication

Alliance Concepts will communicate with prospects and clients through the DOMATRIX CLIENT PORTAL, an intranet / extranet communication and collaboration tool developed by Domatica. Alliance Concepts Client Portal / Collaboration platform.

ALLIANCE CONCEPTS - Pharma Consultancy

Domatica was chosen by  Alliance Concepts to develop a new website. Alliance Concepts is a company active in pharma consulancy. Alliance Concepts is advising leading pharmaceutical companies on innovative business strategies. The company is providing custom models for both very simple and straightforward as well as for complex business processes.

Health- and Academic sector

Several belgian universities and hospitals select Domatica for providing hardware, software and services. Domatica provides ICT solutions ranging from advice, delivery, implementation, administration and support of ICT infrastructure.

VVVD - Nutritional Expert & Dieticians

Domatica implements a secure area on the website of the VVVD group, on which 700 members can consult specific field-related information. Job applications, announcements, forum, calendars, meeting reports,...
The VVVD represents the professional group of Flemish Nutritional Experts & Dieticians, and strives to make the profession more widely known to the general public as well as promote and give notice of activities and events to the government, physicians, healthcare workers and the Food Industry.

Steel and Energy sector

This year, we provide hardware, storage solutions, email archiving and standard software solutions for companies in steelworks and electricity distribution.

Werner International - Textile

Domatica provides advice and services in online 'brand positioning' for a marketleader in consultancy for the textile industry WERNER INTERNATIONAL.
Startup of an E-mail Newsletter platform: design, development, layout, management and reporting of E-mail campaigns to Western and Chinese interest groups of newsletter readers.

CELforPharma launch

CELforPharma or 'Centre for Executive Leadership for the Pharma Industry' delivers management courses for executives.  Domatica has developed the company website to support their newest marketing launch.

SpaItalia 2005

Domatica renews the SpaItalia website for the yearly automotive event at Spa-Francorchamps on the worldfamous F1 circuit.

Cabling Wolters nv

Domatica installs a complete new structured cabling at Wolters in Diest, for both data and telecom. Their network is new ready for future use of Giga-Ethernet, videoconferencing and VoIP. "If you ever need a reference, don't hesitate to pass my coordinates" said Mr. Samijn, director of the company.

BDI website

Business Development International, a Belgian company that is active in off-shore software development, chooses Domatica as partner for the development of the BDI company website.

Guest lecturing at KHL

Domatica was asked by the KHL (Katholieke Hogeschool Leuven) to teach a number of lectures on webdesign basics in their postgraduate "Business Management." This will allow the students to better understand the processes involved around concept and implementation of the website of their future companies.

Website VTDL

Domatica finishes a new website design for the VTDL - Vlaamse Thriathlon and Duathlon Liga. The VTDL will provide and update website content internally.

Levis website Fashion for Walls

Akzo Nobel, the multinational active in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector, is in Belgium famous with the Levis brand, a product range for painting and coating. Levis is a colour trendsetter with their Ambiance collection. Domatica provided the webdesign and search engine positioning for the "Ambiance RAW collection" product website, named Fashion For Walls.

Service Contract with FVB.

Domatica and FVB / FFC  "Fonds voor Vakopleidingen in de Bouwnijverheid"  sign an SLA service contract. All 2nd level and 3th level IT infrastructure-services are outsourced to Domatica.
FVB has offices in Brussels, Antwerp, Hasselt, Ghent, Kortrijk, Liege, Namur and Mons.  Domatica provides remote and on-site managed services for all servers, SAN infrastructure and disaster recovery.

HP Business Partner.

Strategic decision !  Domatica decides to include primarily HP solutions in its future IT-infrastructure projects and proposals.  Domatica has trained and certified its employees with the necessary commercial and technical certificates.  As a result,  Domatica was recognized by HP as a HP labeled Business Partner.  

G.T.M Motorsport website.

G.T.M Motorsport - Racing & Prestige Cars - soon opens its new website for "complete or partial restauration of vintage and classic cars, historic race & rally preparation" for Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati and Lamborghini. Website development & hosting by Domatica.

Launch of Eyeclinic website.

Launch of the brand-new Eyeclinic website, plus hosting of the Corporate Knowledge Portal for Gascoigne Melotte International (GMI).

VBL and "Sporttak in de Kijker".

Every year, BLOSO highlights a specific sport with a campaign called "Sporttak in de kijker." This year, basketball will be the highlighted sport.
Domatica integrates all information about this sport and all BLOSO events on the website of the Vlaamse Basketbal Liga (VBL).

Spa Italia Website.

Event at the well-known race-circuit of  Francorchamps, for cars of Italian origin. Website development and internet communication for Spa Italia developed and hosted by Domatica.

L.I.F.E.  chooses Domatica as IT-partner.

L.I.F.E - Leuven Institute for Fertility and Embryology.  This medical centre has chosen Domatica as it's partner for all IT and web-related installations and service.

Domatica does the Internet promotion for Fotobar.

FOTOBAR - A  light and compact Multimedia Player (CD, DVD and backup device, using CF, Micro drive, SD, MS, MMC, SM, CD and CD-R formats) was promoted by Domatica during it's launch period in Belgium and Holland.

Domatica expands services and products.

Domatica integrates new Content Management Solutions (CMS) for websites of small and medium businesses. CMS websites can easily be updated by non-technical employees of the customer.

Domatica extends it's service range with sale, delivery and installation of hardware equipment, and after-sale support and service contracts.

VBL closing its first "website season."

The VBL - Vlaamse Basketballiga closes it's first season with some nice numbers: 200.000 visitors frequented their website. 

Domatica provides full e-management service  for the growing VBL website, in both design, development, daily updating and webhosting.  Different on-line modules have been developed to facilitate the administration of organising competitions for 35.000 VBL members.

FIN-X-SIDE, Service Bureau for SWIFT in Europe.

FIN-X-SIDE, Service Bureau for SWIFT in Europe, goes live with a new website design by Domatica.  As Service Bureau for Europe,  FIN-X-SIDE will guide financial institutions and banks towards the necessary migration to the new SWIFT Messaging System "SWIFTNet."

Design, development and hosting by Domatica.

EYECLINIC website attracts 10 time more visitors.

The centre for eye-surgery Eyeclinic and Domatica prove a good return-on-investment.  Domatica has enhanced the visibility and popularity of the website using Search Engine Optimization techniques for "targeted visitors", and Eyeclinic now attracts 10 time more visitors.

Ticketing System enhances workflow at FVB/FFC.

Based on the DomatriX extranet / intranet module, Domatica has developed a web-based workflow management application for the FVB / FFC - "Fonds voor Vakopleidingen in de Bouwnijverheid."

The Ticketing System is used as an electronic aid to report problems towards employees, and to improve and centralise the follow-up within different departments of the organisation.

"Not complicated, but something that works" according to Dominique Kindt, the IT Manager who became "First Nominee  Small and Medium Businesses" in the Datanews "IT Manager of the year" contest.

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