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Domatrix is a software solution, and works as your communication channel for project follow-up.  It's a ticketing system you can use to assign tasks to your coworkers, to exchange information with customers and suppliers, or to follow-up your longterm planning.

The security policy of the application is based on multiple access-levels that can be assigned to each user or group of users.  At the departemental level, these access-levels can be used to specify who can read  tickets, and who can perform specific data-altering operations like add, delete, modify etc.

All people involved, with access to the application, will know about the status of their projects, which approvals still need to be given, which tasks are assigned, who has assigned them, and to whom, what is the deadline etc ...

If you use Domatrix, your will benefit from:

  • reduced HR costs
  • exponential time savings 
  • less administration 
  • better mobile access to your company data
  • faster flow of information
  • accurate historic reporting
  • an overall more efficient internal communication


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