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  Standard HTML is no longer sufficient to make a website attractive, to make a website "work."  These days a mix of specific functionalities, design, HTML code, cascading stylesheets, javascript, include files, flash animations, integration with ASP programming, etc...  is what will render your website dynamic.

We possess the technological know-how, the necessary  experience and the talented creativity to deliver successful web projects, according to the needs and directives of our contractors .

  Our web developers are masters in the art of combination. That's what it's all about.  That's where we differentiate ourselves. Being able to combine these elements, for successful webprojects:

  • design
  • content
  • functionality
  • and technique

Domatica has the right people to combine, with you, the right mix. 

  If you want to be a successfull entrepreneur,  you want to value the return-on-investment of your web project, and you can rely on Domatica to help you with  :

  • Inventory of your target goals and your target audience 
  • Functional analysis and choice of technologies,
  • Structuring of your textual and graphical content,
  • Design of your housestyle, logo, illustrations,
  • Programming of dynamic website elements in ASP / ASP.NET,
  • Integration or design of  databases SQL / Access / ...
  • Secured access for members, employees,
  • Stand-alone applications in Visual Basic, Java and Delphi,
  • Domainname registration, consolidation of multiple domain names
  • DNS management,
  • Web Hosting and E-Mail hosting,
  • E-marketing via searchengines / Email newsletters,
  • Metering of website visitors & online statistics



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