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Content updating solutions:

We provide two solutions to keep your website up-to-date:

Content updating contract
CMS implementations   ( Content Management System )

Content updating contract

  • HTML-skilled Domatica personnel does the updating of your website, after you tell us what to update
  • Domatica updating contract = provision contract per 5 or 10 hours updating.
  • All updating and time spent is logged in our webbased ticketing follow-up system, which can be checked by the customer
  • Time logged per block of 15 minutes
  • Best solution for up to 4 hours of updating per week (2 days per month)

Content Management System

  • Domatica implements a CMS for your website, so that you can update your website yourself.  No technical HTML skills are required for content updating
  • Best solution for websites with more than 4 hours of updating per week (2 days per month)



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